Large Underground Storage Projects, Saudi Arabia. 1991-1994.

Saudi Strategic Storage Program (SSSP)

Location: Madina, Saudi Arabia

Position: Site GeoEngineer.

Project Value: $10 billion

Period: 1991 - 1994

During the mid-1980s the ABV Rock Group KB was contracted by The Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia for the execution of the nationwide Saudi Strategic Storage Program (SSSP) which commenced in 1987 and was handed over 22 years later in 2010. This was a signature project for the country and is devided between 5 storage facilities across the kingdom in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina, Abha and Buhraida. Constructed in the form of large underground cavern tanks, with a capacity of over 12 million barrels of different oil products, including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and lubricants. In Madina, 20 underground caverns, which measure each 400 meter long, 30 meter high and 20 meter wide, are excavated at depths reaching 190 meters. Volume approximately 4 million m3 of excavated rock and storage capacity of 2.000,000 barrels of fuel. In addition a 162 km long pipeline was constructed from Madina to the oil refinery at Yanbu at the Red Sea. The Project of strategic petroleum storage is of great significance to Saudi Arabia as petroleum represents the backbone of the country’s economic power.

Strategic Oil Storage in Saudi Arabia 1991-1994

Strategic Oil Storage in Saudi Arabia 1991-1994